Q9 Clock Bluetooth Speaker Alarm Rechargeable | Decorative Clock Bedside Alarm Clock

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Support TF Card & FM mode: After inserting the TF card, press the (M) button to play the music files inside. Similarly, press the M button to switch the FM mode, which is simple and convenient. Digital Alarm Clock Mirror Surface: The large-screen LED digital display with mirror design is simple and easy to use. The alarm clock is designed for working ang studying to wake up a good day. Built-in Removable Battery: High-efficiency lithium battery, no cable restraint, long battery life when playing music. Two power supply modes can be fixed and movable to solve your charging troubles. Wireless Portable BT Speaker: Small, fashionable, portable, HIFI sound quality. BT can be automatically connected within 10 meters. You can listen to music anytime and anywhere. Multi-function to Meet Various needs: Built-in Mic, high-definition call in BT state. Real-time temperature display of smart speaker. Ear protruding design, can be used as a mobile phone holder, etc. LED clock – simple operation, the button matches the function, simple and easy to use. Large screen clock – The clock is lightweight and compact, easy to use and portable to carry. Digital alarm clock – applicable to a variety of scenes, such as bedrooms, offices, schools, etc. Speaker clock without LED clock, can adjust the brightness according to different environments.

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